Crazy Truths Eyebrows Are Telling People About You

bold brows

Naturally Bold Brows
Just looking at Cara Delevingne makes you think that she’s a forward-thinking, assertive woman—and that’s because of her strong eyebrows. If you’ve got ’em too, then you likely have a ton of self-confidence, are very decisive, and work hard to get things done—there’s no point in lollygagging, as far as you’re concerned.

The downside: It’s pretty easy to piss you off, and it doesn’t take much for you to feel frustrated. Every once in a while, try to take a few deep breaths. Not everyone feels quite as confident as you in their decision-making process, so give ’em a few seconds to get on your level before moving forward.

naturally thin
Naturally Thin Brows
Cara may be in Taylor Swift’s squad, but their eyebrows are speaking different languages. Taylor’s are way thinner naturally, and if yours are too, then you may struggle with making decisions and like to get input from others before moving forward with a concrete plan. It may also mean that you have self-confidence issues, so surrounding yourself with friends who lift you up is wise. And since you like to take as few risks as possible, you carefully visualize how situations might play themselves out—which, in Taylor’s case, makes sense because her new Wildest Dreams video looks a whole lot like the VMAs-winning Blank Space. Hey, if it ain’t broke…right, Tay?

not so thin

Not-So-Naturally Thin Brows
Girl, if you’re over-plucking your eyebrows, we want you to stop. Not only is it not on trend, but it also reduces all the good qualities that ladies with bold brows have (see the assertive, uber-confident description above). Researchers also recently discovered that this type of brow grooming can lead others to believe that you’re narcissistic. General rule of thumb: let those beautiful brows be as full as you can—they look gorgeous in their natural shape.

curved brows
Curved Brows

All hail, Queen B! While she definitely has some boldness going on—explaining her run the world persona—it’s Beyonce’s eyebrow shape that has us intrigued. The curved roundness to them means she—and you, if you’re mimicking the same look—wants to create as many win-win situations as possible. That makes you a savvy business person, and someone people like to be around and work with.

You have a natural warmth that radiates off you, and scientists even discovered that eyebrows like yours (high on the inner brow) tell others that you’re totally trustworthy. So don’t be afraid to host the next book club at your place—people tend to feel very comfortable when you’re around, and you usually go the extra mile to make sure they’re well taken care of.

straight brows

Straight Brows
You’re a very intellectual type, a woman who likes to be logical and make decisions based on facts, rather than emotions. This is great for your professional development, as it’s unlikely for you to let your personal feelings cloud your judgment. Impulsive decisions aren’t really your thing, so don’t be afraid to pair up with a friend—one with peaked brows, perhaps—who will help you loosen up every now and again and experience things in the moment.

Queen’s Eyebrows
These are brows that are naturally higher up on your face, rather than almost immediately above the eye, and they signal perfectionism (which might be why Olivia Wilde always seems to look #flawless). Usually the person with them sets high expectations for themselves and the people around them, so you’re definitely a go-getter who gravitates toward working independently instead of in a group.

If that sounds like you, just keep in mind that you may come off as intimidating, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it’s actually a strong trait to have when trying to land a big deal or nab that promotion. And even though you might not love everything people pick out for you (you’re likely the re-gifter of the bunch), you also have the best manners—so no one will ever know.

peaked brows

Peaked Brows
If you’ve got upside-down Vs like Jamie King, you’re someone who thinks, learns, and reacts at warp-speed. You tend to go wherever your emotions take you, and don’t always stop to think things through. Again, this isn’t always a bad thing—you’re the perfect person to make gut-check, game-time decisions. And in your personal life, well, you’re definitely the most spontaneous; friends come running when they’re ready for a night of fun and laughter.

not matched with hair

Brows That Don’t Match Your Hair
Let me take a step back, because you—and Rita Ora—are ready to take center stage. Jumping on a big beauty trend like this, where you don’t go all matchy-matchy with your hair, means you aren’t afraid to take risks or get noticed. Because the more noticeable your eyebrows are, the more “large and in charge” you appear to be. In other words, if you’re in a situation where you need people to instantly notice that you are a driven woman who won’t mess around, this is the look you should go for.


Unhelpful Cosmetic Products

Sometimes advertisements play tricks on us. In the pursuit of beauty, we buy lots of useless creams, masks, and serums that promise us many desirable effects. This site pondered all this marketing mess and prepared for you a list of cosmetic products you don’t really need.

split ends
Split end remedies
No matter how much we want it, there’s no cosmetic remedy that can solve the problem of split hair. Serums and balms with the appropriate label give only a visual effect, sticking the split ends together for a while. The only thing that works is a haircut.


Hand cream, foot cream, body lotion

Another myth that marketers have created: people need different creams for different parts of the body. Your face does require special care, but in most cases you can use a single product for your entire body. All moisturizing creams and lotions work the same way, and you can use them for both your hands and body.

Dandruff shampoo
Dandruff shampoo
When your sebaceous glands work poorly, the spread of a fungus called dandruff begins. An ordinary shampoo cannot help you get rid of this problem. Besides, it dries out the scalp. You need a special medical shampoo, which you can buy at a pharmacy.

Facial Toner
Facial toner is one of those things we consider necessary because we use the wrong skin care products. Cleansing soap is more effective than toner. It doesn’t contain alcohol, doesn’t dry your skin, and has a neutral pH level.

lip balm
Lip Balm
Most producers claim that the only way to moisturize your lips is to buy a lip balm. However, the “perfect is the enemy of good” principle works here. Some balms can really help you, but most of them contain alcohol that dries your skin. An affordable and more useful alternative is cosmetic Vaseline or beeswax with a drop of olive or coconut oil.

shaving cream
Shaving cream
Before shower gel appeared, shaving cream served an important purpose: it softened the hair follicles and helped the razor blade slip easily over the skin. But since shower gels contain a lot of glycerol and more moisturizing substances than shaving cream, the choice is obvious.

butt cream
Cellulite Cream
Lots of people are still inclined to believe that there’s a magic wand that will make us perfect in a moment. One of the myths we want to dispel is the effectiveness of a cellulite cream. At the moment, there are only two things that can really fight cellulite on the buttocks: an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. You can also try various types of massage and use scrubs, as they stimulate blood circulation. The cream is only able to soften the skin a little and give a short cosmetic effect.

cuticle oil
Cuticle Oil
Using a couple of drops of special oil seems to be an excellent way to get a decent manicure. However, once it’s absorbed, the effect disappears and brings no use. If you really want to help your nails, try cosmetic Vaseline or basic natural oils.

Facial masks
We cannot say tissue masks are absolutely useless. They really can make your skin look better for a special occasion. But, in fact, you don’t need them. Most of them are simply moisturizing or oil absorbing, and you can achieve the same effect using a simple cream.



Simple Rules for Naturally Looking Great

Naturalness has always been in trend. Today many girls spend so much time trying to put their makeup on to look like they aren’t wearing any at all. But following some beauty rules can help you look great without using any products on your face.
Feminine touch introduces ten (10) simple tricks that will make you look naturally flawless without foundation, lipstick, or other cosmetics.

good smile

Make your eyebrows look perfect

On a face without makeup, the eyebrows inevitably become the center of attention. Shape your eyebrows for your face shape. If needed, tint your eyebrows with dye or henna. When choosing the color, make sure it matches your hair color. If you weren’t born with thick brows, apply a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A to your eyebrows daily. After a few weeks, you will notice the amazing transformation of your eyebrows.

eye brows
Accentuate your eyes

To make your look “wider,” curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and then apply transparent gel to them. You can even go further and get eyelash extensions.
Get rid of dark circles under your eyes. Start by reconsidering your diet. Dark circles can be the result of a deficiency of iron or B vitamins in your body (liver and red meat contain large amounts of these). Choose eye creams with a whitening effect or the ones with retinol. Сold compresses with mint or green tea are very useful too.

Whiten your teeth

A bright smile adds 100 points to any image. Therefore, make sure nothing prevents you from looking attractive. Use whitening toothpaste, especially after drinking coffee or wine. But remember not to overuse it as such toothpaste can be quite harsh. If your teeth are naturally gray or yellow, get them professionally whitened.


Don’t forget about your lips
Nutrition, moisturizing, and reasonable exfoliation are not only important for your face but your lips as well. Use lip balms that can sometimes be replaced with olive oil or any other natural oil. Once a week massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or with your fingertips — you should moisten them and dip them in sugar beforehand.

hair care

Take care of your hair
Dull hair color and a haircut that was done a long time ago are really not beneficial for your makeup-free face. Choose simple hair styles and natural colors, as more drastic options would be discordant with a natural appearance. Get your split ends cut regularly, use products with heat protection, and don’t go overboard with the styling products. Coconut oil can add shine to your hair. It also helps to fight dandruff, dryness, and other problems. Rinsing your hair with boiled herbal extracts (sage and oak bark for brunettes, chamomile and linden for blondes) also makes your hair look shinier.


Use sunscreen
Ultraviolet radiation greatly increases the appearance of premature wrinkles and other unpleasant “bonuses” of aging. It can also lead to skin cancer, and people with light skin can be affected the most. Therefore, products with SPF must be used not only in the summer on the beach but throughout the year.

skin care

Focus on your skin
Cosmetologists believe that we shouldn’t wash our face more than 2 times a day. And it’s even better to do this only before going to bed. In the morning you can use cleansing milk, lotion, or an ice cube. The most important thing is not to rub your skin too much as such procedures can be quite harsh. Making face masks (a white clay mask, for example) once a week is also useful. And if your skin is not too sensitive, you can gently exfoliate it by using different face scrubs.


Get enough sleep
Proper sleep (at least 7-9 hours) is essential for keeping your skin in perfect condition and for good health in general. Go to bed by 11 pm because after midnight the body starts to produce one of the main “beauty hormones” — melatonin. Try to sleep on your back to reduce the appearance of potential premature wrinkles.


Reconsider your diet
Studies confirm a direct connection between the condition of our skin and the food we eat. Oily marine fish, vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts are among the most important foods. They are a source of fatty acids, vitamin E, and carotenes which are the main weapons in the fight against free radicals. Dairy products should also be included in your menu because they are the key to healthy microflora.

hair color

Find your own color

Correctly choosing the color of your clothes will help make your skin tone look even, hide flaws, and make your appearance more expressive. Skin without foundation looks paler, and that’s why it’s important not to make the situation worse by choosing overly dark and cold shades. White is also not the best option. The best ones are pure bright colors: blue, turquoise, emerald, peach. Ideally, you need to determine your color type and choose clothes in accordance to specific rules.

Beauty Benefits of Caffeine

coffee model

We all know what a little caffeine can do for our morning commute—after all, there’s a reason we endure that long line at the local coffee shop (hello, energy boost). Now, we have six beautiful reasons to start wearing it.

We’re not just talking in the fashion sense (although the T-shirt scene has no shortage of “coffee is bae” type offerings if you’re interested). What we mean is that caffeine has real, skin-firming, under-eye-circle-hiding, hair-restoring results.

1. It Calms Inflammation
There’s a reason caffeine is often found in products that are meant to squash puffiness. “Coffee is chock-full of important antioxidants that can prevent or slow down the damaging of cells, therefore reducing inflammation in your body,” says Dr Julie Russak, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City.

2. It Helps Fade Under-Eye Circles
Russak says the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee are also very effective in combatting dark circles. It helps by reducing the amount of blood that accumulates under the eyes (a major factor that contributes to dark circles). “If you put coffee on the skin’s surface, it constricts blood vessels,” says Russak. “Since the area under your eyes is a lymphatic channel, the caffeine helps to promote circulation and remove water from the system.” (One drawback, though: Caffeine can’t cure dark circles caused by hereditary factors, says Russak.)
3. It Treats Rosacea
If you’ve been suffering from facial flushing or rosacea, the cure could be right in your tea cup. “Because caffeine is such a powerful antioxidant, it has the ability to calm reddened, irritated, blotchy skin caused by rosacea,” says Russak. F

4. It Soothes Sun Damage
Coffee’s rich antioxidant make-up makes it ripe for repairing skin that is sun-damaged. “Studies have shown that caffeine helps block the protein ATR (ataxia telangiectasia), therefore protecting skin against UV damage and, ultimately, reducing the risk of skin cancer,” says Russak. “Apply it topically, along with sunscreen, for extra protection.”

5. It Aids Healthy Hair Growth
Those same properties can also help calm inflammation at the hair follicle, which Russak says is one of the main culprits behind premature hair loss. “Caffeine acts as a vehicle to penetrate into the cells and therefore can help to deliver active ingredients into the hair follicle,” she says. “When applied topically, caffeine can be used retroactively to help restore hair growth or as part of your regular routine to prevent abnormal hair loss.”

6. It Smooths Skin
Last, but certainly not least, coffee could help you tackle that pesky cellulite. “Caffeine dehydrates the fat cells and stimulates circulation, therefore making the skin appear tighter and smoother, says Russak. However, she notes that these effects are temporary and shouldn’t be relied on as long-term solutions.

Credit: Beauty Benefits of Coffee


Beauty Myths Debunked


Myth 1: Wearing nail polish all the time will make your nails turn yellow.
This is true, but you can wear enamel all you like and still avoid discoloration. Nails are porous, and they absorb the pigment in polishes. “Darker colors, especially reds, have more pigment, so they often stain your nails,” says Maria Salandra, the owner of Finger Fitness, in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

The solution: Before applying polish, paint on a clear base coat,  to prevent nails from absorbing pigment.


Myth 2: Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day will make it shine.
Marcia Brady, it turns out, was overzealous in her beauty routine. “One hundred strokes is too much,” says Christopher Mackin, a trichologist (someone who studies hair) at the Gil Ferrer Salon, in New York City. “You’ll do more damage than good.” Hair will break if you tug on it too much.

However, gentle brushing―a few strokes here and there―will make hair shine by distributing the natural oils from the scalp down the hair shafts and flattening the cuticles to make them reflect more light. More significant, light brushing removes impurities and stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which nourishes hair follicles and keeps them healthy.


Myth 3: Sleeping on your back or with a satin pillow will help your face stay wrinkle-free.

That’s a big exaggeration with a little truth behind it. As you age, the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin break down, so when you burrow your face into a pillow, putting pressure on these fibers for several hours at a time, the skin is increasingly less likely to snap back. “If you have a pattern of sleeping on one side, that side of your face will typically show more wrinkling than the other,” says Tanzi, who adds that the difference is very subtle.

Learning to sleep on your back can help your skin a bit, but you’d fare much better wearing a good sunscreen every day than sleeping on a satin pillow, says Woolery-Lloyd.

Myth 4: Applying mayonnaise to your hair will make it glossier.
Mayo is made with an oil base, and it makes hair shine.

But to avoid a mess, try this method:

  • Apply a cup of mayonnaise mixed with a teaspoon of vanilla extract (to cut the mayonnaise scent) to dry, unwashed hair.
  • Cover your head with a warm towel to help the mayonnaise penetrate, and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Before you step into the shower, apply a heaping handful of shampoo to your hair. Don’t add any water yet; just massage it in thoroughly for several minutes. That will help break down the excess oil, says Berkovitz. Rinse with cool water in the shower and your hair will come out shiny and silky.
    If the idea of putting a condiment in your hair makes you queasy, try a rich glossing treatment


Myth 5: Sitting down and crossing your legs won’t cause varicose or spider veins, but standing may.

Pronounced veins often crop up on people who either have a genetic predisposition to them or have jobs that require them to stand a lot, says Kevin Pinski, a dermatologist in Chicago.

Standing makes the vascular network work extra hard to pump blood from the legs up to the heart. If the valves, which keep blood flowing in one direction within your vessels, aren’t functioning properly, a pooling of blood can occur and result in unsightly veins. Pregnancy, which puts added pressure on the circulatory system, or a trauma―getting hit by a softball or a car door, for example―can also lead to varicose or spider veins.


Myth 6 : Drinking water keeps your skin from drying out.

“This is one of the biggest myths out there,” says Frank. What keeps skin moist is oil, not water. Certainly, drinking water helps vital organs operate properly, and too little water in your body can give you a wan appearance. But your skin can still look dry even if you drink eight glasses a day.

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Things That Attract Men’s Attention To Women

attract main

What do males notice first about women? If they have never talked with you and do not know anything about your character, temper and attitude, then you are judged by your looks.

It does look superficial and shallow; however, there is not much we can do to change the situation. Here are 9 things that usually attract men’s attention and considered to be important by most men:

1. Hair
Shiny and healthy hair can also attract men’s attention. The time that you regularly spend at your hairdresser’s is not useless. Healthy hair tells men about your overall health and we always find health attractive and beautiful. Wash your hair and keep it clean, moisturized and nourished. Apply balm or use conditioner to make it soft and fragrant.

Attract 1

2. Eyes
Women’s eyes are also a powerful weapon that can conquer any man’s attention. Our eyes tell others all about our feelings and thoughts. It is really difficult to hide your true intentions and emotions unless you are wearing sunglasses! It has been proved that more than 70% of all men look in woman’s eyes when they meet her. It is just another myth that men rate your chest or hips. Besides, complimenting woman on her eyes is never offensive. On the contrary, ladies respond to it quite approvingly. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid commenting on other body parts in order not to be wrongly understood.

atttract smile

3. Smile
A sincere and friendly smile attracts everybody. Men are no exception. A smiling person looks much more approachable and warm. A smile is a signal informing others that you are happy and satisfied with life and yourself. Smile more often if you want to demonstrate happiness and optimism. Do not get surprised if you start hearing more compliments and be sure to meet more people who will want to communicate with you. Smiling people make others smile and feel relaxed hence they usually surrounded by people.

attract weight

4. Weight
Tastes differ and it is not really about how many pounds you carry and whether you are overweighted. The point is to carry it the right way and be proud of your own body. If you are self-confident, people can see and feel it. Curves do count and if you want to change your shape, you should go to the gym. There you will tone up your muscles and become even more attractive.

attract breast

5. Chest
Most women mistakenly think that it is their chest that attracts men’s attention. However, this is just a stereotype and in reality chest is not number one priority by which men judge about women. Nevertheless, men do include this part of female’s body in their list of things that they notice when they meet a woman. If you are not totally satisfied with the shape of your breasts, then we recommend weight-lifting exercises. Some ladies are ready to do plastic surgery to make their breasts bigger or smaller. This kind of change is too extreme and costs a lot. Actually, there is no need to drastically change your chest, because in most cases appropriately fitted underwear can do the trick.

attract true

6. How genuine are you?
Fake people are avoided by others. Be genuine in what you say and in how you act. This also includes your looks. Hair extensions and false nails or eye lashes is a turn-off for most men. Do not be naive thinking that only you know that you are wearing fake stuff. Men are not stupid and can easily tell what is natural and what is not. Applying make-up is fine. Do not use too much of it though. Nude shades and light colors are always better. They will make you look fresh and youthful. Treat your hair with masks, shampoos and styling hair products of higher quality.

attract legs

7. Legs
You are probably not surprised at all to hear that men like beautiful legs. Men notice shapely legs, toned calves and groomed feet with nice pedicure. In summer your legs should look absolutely impeccable. If you know your legs look good, wear skirts and shorts. Scientists say that the reason why males like slim long legs and shapely hips is that this is a signal that the lady is fertile and feminine. Men also pay attention to women’s knees. Take care of your legs and feet, do massages and apply anti-cellulite gels or creams to make your legs look their best.

attract skin

8. Skin
Skin cover you from head to food. It is the largest organ that tells it all about your health! Does your skin look its best? Are you completely satisfied with it or is there something you would like to improve and change? Take proper care of your skin. Men find healthy complexion extremely attractive.

attract witty

9. The witty woman

Yes, you can get a man interest with just looks and sex. But keeping him interested for more than three weeks takes intelligence. Men like witty, educated girls who can keep the conversation alive and have something interesting to say. Women who can finish a sentence that isn’t about shoes, tanning, him or Kim Kardashian’s ass.
They like you to be more creative in talking than “What did you do today”, “I called you and you didn’t answer”, “how can you like football” and “you care more about your friends than you do about me.”

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