Things That Attract Men’s Attention To Women

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What do males notice first about women? If they have never talked with you and do not know anything about your character, temper and attitude, then you are judged by your looks.

It does look superficial and shallow; however, there is not much we can do to change the situation. Here are 9 things that usually attract men’s attention and considered to be important by most men:

1. Hair
Shiny and healthy hair can also attract men’s attention. The time that you regularly spend at your hairdresser’s is not useless. Healthy hair tells men about your overall health and we always find health attractive and beautiful. Wash your hair and keep it clean, moisturized and nourished. Apply balm or use conditioner to make it soft and fragrant.

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2. Eyes
Women’s eyes are also a powerful weapon that can conquer any man’s attention. Our eyes tell others all about our feelings and thoughts. It is really difficult to hide your true intentions and emotions unless you are wearing sunglasses! It has been proved that more than 70% of all men look in woman’s eyes when they meet her. It is just another myth that men rate your chest or hips. Besides, complimenting woman on her eyes is never offensive. On the contrary, ladies respond to it quite approvingly. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid commenting on other body parts in order not to be wrongly understood.

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3. Smile
A sincere and friendly smile attracts everybody. Men are no exception. A smiling person looks much more approachable and warm. A smile is a signal informing others that you are happy and satisfied with life and yourself. Smile more often if you want to demonstrate happiness and optimism. Do not get surprised if you start hearing more compliments and be sure to meet more people who will want to communicate with you. Smiling people make others smile and feel relaxed hence they usually surrounded by people.

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4. Weight
Tastes differ and it is not really about how many pounds you carry and whether you are overweighted. The point is to carry it the right way and be proud of your own body. If you are self-confident, people can see and feel it. Curves do count and if you want to change your shape, you should go to the gym. There you will tone up your muscles and become even more attractive.

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5. Chest
Most women mistakenly think that it is their chest that attracts men’s attention. However, this is just a stereotype and in reality chest is not number one priority by which men judge about women. Nevertheless, men do include this part of female’s body in their list of things that they notice when they meet a woman. If you are not totally satisfied with the shape of your breasts, then we recommend weight-lifting exercises. Some ladies are ready to do plastic surgery to make their breasts bigger or smaller. This kind of change is too extreme and costs a lot. Actually, there is no need to drastically change your chest, because in most cases appropriately fitted underwear can do the trick.

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6. How genuine are you?
Fake people are avoided by others. Be genuine in what you say and in how you act. This also includes your looks. Hair extensions and false nails or eye lashes is a turn-off for most men. Do not be naive thinking that only you know that you are wearing fake stuff. Men are not stupid and can easily tell what is natural and what is not. Applying make-up is fine. Do not use too much of it though. Nude shades and light colors are always better. They will make you look fresh and youthful. Treat your hair with masks, shampoos and styling hair products of higher quality.

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7. Legs
You are probably not surprised at all to hear that men like beautiful legs. Men notice shapely legs, toned calves and groomed feet with nice pedicure. In summer your legs should look absolutely impeccable. If you know your legs look good, wear skirts and shorts. Scientists say that the reason why males like slim long legs and shapely hips is that this is a signal that the lady is fertile and feminine. Men also pay attention to women’s knees. Take care of your legs and feet, do massages and apply anti-cellulite gels or creams to make your legs look their best.

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8. Skin
Skin cover you from head to food. It is the largest organ that tells it all about your health! Does your skin look its best? Are you completely satisfied with it or is there something you would like to improve and change? Take proper care of your skin. Men find healthy complexion extremely attractive.

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9. The witty woman

Yes, you can get a man interest with just looks and sex. But keeping him interested for more than three weeks takes intelligence. Men like witty, educated girls who can keep the conversation alive and have something interesting to say. Women who can finish a sentence that isn’t about shoes, tanning, him or Kim Kardashian’s ass.
They like you to be more creative in talking than “What did you do today”, “I called you and you didn’t answer”, “how can you like football” and “you care more about your friends than you do about me.”

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