Girl Talk, Then And Now

girl talk

As the topography of our lives has changed, so too have our conversations. The subjects that held us transfixed in our 20s are not even on our radar anymore. We still have plenty to say, but the topics have changed. For example:

Then: Cosmetics
Back in the day, we could talk about mascara and nail polish until the cows came home.

Now: Cosmetic Dermatology
Nowadays, we’ve upgraded to microdermabrasion and amazing spa facials, and our skin looks better now than it ever did!

Born in the ’70s? You’re probably in the messy middle.
Then: Body Image
One upon a time, we boosted each other’s self-esteem with the magic words “Those jeans make your butt look amazing!”

Now: Body Function
These days we’re using our bodies to do some kick-ass stuff. I ran a half-marathon and my friend started taking martial arts again.

Then: Shoes
We didn’t have Carrie Bradshaw’s budget, but we did have her taste.

Now: Boots
Times have changed and so has fashion. Goodbye strappy sandals, hello tall boots! Ooh, and Uggs for winter. And adorable wellies for walking to school on rainy days. And…

Then: Shopping for Cute Clothes
Payday used to mean running out to pick out a great new outfit for the weekend.

Now: Shopping for Cute Clothes for Our Kids
Payday means running out to buy jeans because our kids grew an inch overnight and all their pants are floods. Seriously, why do kids grow so fast? But while we’re shopping for them, let’s go look at some boots.

Then: Bragging About Sex
Think only guys talk about conquests? Ha. Notches in the old lipstick case, baby.

Now: Bragging About Sexy Weekends Away
Anniversary getaway? Birthday overnight at a fancy hotel with the husband? Yes, please!

Then: Happy Hour
Dollar PBR night? Holla!

Now: Wine Tasting
Touring a winery and learning how to pair wine with food? I’m so in!

Then: Dates
“Oooooo! I’m going out with a boy on Friday! He’s soooo cute! And he likes my favorite band!”

Now: Date Nights
“Oooooo! I found a sitter for Friday! She’s soooo great! And she does the dishes after the kids are in bed!”

Then: Roommates
The guy who had loud sex in the mornings, the substitute teacher who got daily robo-calls at 6 a.m., the gay guy who loved to watch Golden Girls reruns with us. Our roommates were a rotating cast of characters that helped us afford our apartments.

Now: Renovations
Picking backsplashes is better than vetting potential housemates any day!

Then: Push-Up Bras
It used to be lingerie was a fashion statement, the base layer of an awesome outfit. Bras put our boobs on display in the best way possible.

Now: Push-Up Bras
Let’s face it, some things never change. Hot lingerie is still hot.
The good news is, we find boots and travel plans just as hilarious and awesome as we found sex and shopping when we were younger. I just hope in 20 more years, we’ll still be laughing as hard as we have the past 20.